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The almighty persona play thread

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1 The almighty persona play thread on Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:11 am



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It is good to see we have almost everyone here! Just need a wild liz

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Liz is around here somewhere now.

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I did see a MooCola had registered last, so yes, I believe we do have a wild Liz roaming about.

*Gets the safari balls ready.*

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10 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:42 pm


Today is Friday, October 5th. It seems a bit overcast and might rain by this afternoon. This part will be open until November 28th. The in game clock for this part will be from 6:30 until noon.

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11 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:27 pm

Lance sat at the desk in his room, staring intently at the screen of his computer as it cast a dim glow past his form against the wall behind him. He gave off a soft sight while he typed a few things into a free online planner that he had synced to his phone. He entered the information for the clubs he had joined so far and blocked off a little time for his own independent endeavors. The sound of typing was brief and soon after he was on his feet, prepping his backpack for the day. School books, notebooks, pens, pencils, all were in place already.

The truth was that he was trying hard to forget what happened the night before. 'It was just a dream.' he kept telling himself as he pulled open the door to head down to the kitchen with his backpack slung around his shoulder and his skateboard under his arm.

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12 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:05 am

███████████████ █████ ███
♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♚

↘↘ апутнιпg уоu сап dо | ι | сап dо веттеr

██████████████████████████████████ █████████ █████
Fucks: 0% Location: The Dorms Mood: Sleepy Status: Legally Insane00000000000000000

Serina woke up slowly as the morning haze of sunlight creeped in blindly from the window. Something about waking up after a crazy night had an adverse effect on her willingness to want to get up and start the day. Though a second later her stomach grumbled violently and she if forced to sit up and clench it with all her might. "Shhhut it, we don't need the whole dorm to know that we're hungry." she hissed in protest to the knot that now sat like a brick in the base of her stomach. Serina stood up from her bed and got dressed for a day on campus. There was a black backpack sitting in the corner that looked stuffed with supplies for a productive day at school. At the top was her bottle of medication. She snagged the life prolonging juju beads with nothing but a glance at the rest of the supplies, shunned and unloved in every meaning of the word. She then walked out of her room and stalked off down the hall inquiring of her mission to the feeding den where she may feast on breakfast morsels to sooth her lack of sleep and headache.

Serina reached the food court only to see that the early birds had picked the place clean of all her favourite mourning foods. The thought made her smirk for a second, mourning the loss of a good nights sleep. OH the wonderful soul crushing madness, it was Creme da le creme. The sweetest sorrow you could ever taste. As She stared heartbroken and displaced of the will to move from the spot she was cemented in. There was thankfully a familiar face headed into the kitchen so Serina followed him down to a table for lunch.

Lance with a curious expression on his face looks at the strange girl, "uh... is there anything i can help you with?" he asked while he sat at an isolated table of his choosing.

"Your absolutely right. And personally I don't know why either, maybe its a curious disposition." She said as a retort in his general direction, not paying much attention to his actual words, as she had followed and sat down with him all while looking at what in her eyes was a dwindling food supply. She didn't mind Lance, but his sulk and insatiable charm in trying to get information out of her had to come to an end. So she decided to . . . share.  "So I guess I'll tell you about myself, that's what normal people do right? I guess have always been categorized as that shy and quiet girl. The Wallflower of sorts, I guess. They say I fade into the background pretty quickly, until I open my mouth. So I guess don't let my usually shy attitude fool you, I come with quite a punch. When I open my mouth, it's a whole other story. I don't have the patience or will to speak empty words. . . There, normal informative biographical information, what about you - Lance?" She said his name with a bit of a flourish as her stomach grumbled again in protest to the long winded talking she had spewed in a sloppy mess onto the airways.

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13 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:50 am

Update summary for objective: investigate paranormal signal recorded 10-04.

Travel to estimated signal origin completed. Site appears to be a spiritual facility. Residual signals still present at this location. Executing signal analysis and event reconstruction. Ready to form hypothesis.

Hypothesis: Unrecognized paranormal mass intersected with baseline reality. Mass interacted with 3-8 humans, triggering first contact with their Personas. Soon after, these attuned humans engaged in combat with standard low-grade hostiles and eliminated them. Due to the significance of this location, it is likely at least one of these humans will return soon. This site is open to the public, so it is safe to remain here indefinitely.

New objectives:

  1. Remain at this location and scan human visitors. If attunement is suspected, question them. Otherwise, ignore them.
  2. Research spiritual facility regarding known paranormal characteristics or historical intersection events.
  3. Determine if methods exist to identify the unrecognized mass.

Entering standby mode.


There's someone at the shrine. They're quite peculiar looking, bundled in puffy winter clothing and sitting in some kind of heavy-duty wheelchair with oxygen tanks on the back - but, there's nothing suspicious about any of that. The gas mask is a bit suspicious, though. And what kind of oxygen tank has a radar dish sticking out of the top?

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14 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:29 pm

Lance cocked an eyebrow at the conversation he had found himself a part of. To him it almost sounded like he was being spoken at, not spoken to. He had to admit in part it was more than a little perturbing. And then he heard the tone of her voice change and the question asking about himself. Did she really care or was she looking for a response simply because it was normally expected?

She had been following him around quite wordlessly for a while - almost as long as he'd known her. There was something about her that just put him off. He couldn't quite put it into words, and it wasn't that he disliked her so much as he didn't know what to make of her. Even now the tone of voice she used while asking for information about him was skirting a dangerous line. He tried to swallow back his apprehension and answer.

"I-I don't really know what to say, honestly... I mean, I just kind of..." He sighed.

"I hate talking about myself. It always feels like I'm bragging or something. People just kind of seem to flock to me whether I want them to or not, so I guess I just got used to asking if I could assist them. Usually people want something or another, am I right?"

He cleared his throat uncomfortably. He already felt like he'd been speaking too much considering what his current company had said moments earlier. He rummaged through the food that was left in place, grabbing the first thing he could reach that seemed remotely like a breakfast food, inspecting it closely before taking a bite out of it to shut himself up.

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15 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:03 pm

███████████████ █████ ███
♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟♚

↘↘ апутнιпg уоu сап dо | ι | сап dо веттеr

██████████████████████████████████ █████████ █████
Fucks: 20% Location: The Dorms Mood: Sleepy Status: Legally Insane00000000000000000

Serina turned her head from the tantalizing food and look to Lance. She could hear the discomfort in his voice, the very edge of what would make him tick was rearing its ugly head. She didn't want to upset him so she decided to level with him enough to make sure he understood. While she seemed absent minded when there was actual talk going that didn't fall under mindless jargon, introductions, or goodbyes - she was a very good listener. Her eyes connecting with his in a cold and dead on stare. "I see. Well let me share something with you. I did not flock with anyone else to you. And I want nothing from you other than to make your acquaintance and possibly get to know you. For you, considering the crazy events that have happened we are now in this mess together. We don't have to talk all the time, and we most certainly don't need to have any. . . moments. In any normal circumstance I am sure we would have never, ever - whats the word, chatted. To set the record straight, I don't need your help and I probably never will. So please have no predisposed worries or notions." Serina was nothing like anyone that had ever come to him before, she did not smile, but she did give a reassuring nod to him as she then got up to find something that seemed remotely nourishing and sat back down across from Lance.

"So now that we both know that we don't want anything from one another and that there is no hidden agenda. . . What do you think about the other night?" Serina asked with a lifted eyebrow staring over her food at him. She shifted her feet up onto the seat of her chair and rested her arms with the plate of food on her knees. It looked like an awkward pose, but to her it was comfortable, and helped her think.

"I personally think its inconvenient. Everyone wishes they could have some sort of super power, or be some kind of hero. But to me that just complicates and already complicated formula of life. I mean what is coming next? Our future is now even further undefined because of. . . whatever you can call these mystical events. It kind of pisses me off." On that final note Serina frowned noticeably and dropped her feet to the floor. The plate of food fell down onto the table with out spilling thankfully. She slipped her hand into her pants pocket and pulled out an E-cig. Popping it in her mouth she leaned back and listened very closely and intently to Lance.

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16 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:54 pm

Lance noticed the disconnection in her voice, but at the same time the words were of some comfort. He breathed a small sigh of relief, and then realized that she had caught an insinuation that he hadn't wanted to bring up. It was just a matter of habit.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to assume or anything like that..." He cleared his throat uncertainly. "I guess I went a little far in my discussion there." He could feel the awkwardness rising in the conversation as he continued to speak. He felt a little exposed at this point, but that was easy to notice when the person you were talking to didn't respond with emotion. Was it even necessary to apologize to a person who didn't appear to be affected by what was being said?

He thought about her question for a small while, making sure to finish chewing another bite of food he had placed in his mouth before he heard her. He stopped, blinking a couple of times before he swallowed. He reached absent-mindedly for his water bottle which at this point was empty. He gave a slight chuff of annoyance at his situation before he answered her.

"I... actually have to agree with you there. I don't see why people think being some sort of super hero is the greatest thing ever - it obviously isn't. It honestly kinda pisses me off; here we are being watched by some infinitesimal puff of black something-or-other that has some sort of demi-god complex while he pulls our strings to make us dance. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have met any of you and probably would have had a normal life." He thought about what he had said for a beat after he'd said it.

"Although... I suppose it's not all bad. I mean, that Hikaru girl is a piece of work to put it mildly, but Aiden seems okay... as do you. I feel kind of bad about that one other girl... ah, her name eludes me at the moment, but she was just kind of dragged into this out of nowhere too. It's not fair." He gave a slight puff of air, almost too brief to be a sigh, but conveying the same sort of emotion.

"Last night... I kept hoping it had just been a dream. Now that I think about it though there's so much that just won't leave my mind. Those cards, for instance." He looked like he was concentrating a little harder now as he spoke. "I swear they seem familiar in some way. I think it's related to some sort of divination tool." He cocked an eyebrow and took another bite of food, maintaining his good manners and refusing to speak until he was done with that parcel of food.

"Hope I haven't been aggravating or boring you with my incessant talking."

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17 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:50 am

▌▌ ████████ ↳↳ ( SET MEAFLAME ) : AND CAST ME FREE
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A W A Y________Y O U________W R E T C H E D________W O R L D_______O F________T E A T H E R S
{ THROUGH THE ENDLESS :I_night and day↘↘ I HAVE NEVER wanted more
Fucks: 80% Location: On Campus Mood: Leveling Out Status: Medicated00000000000000000

┏━━━━ ☠ ━━━━┓
Memories circulated through Serina's mind like the primordial stew in which humanity was proclaimed to have been born from. Powerful emotions slithered into her soul like lithe black snakes which caressed the very fabric of her thoughts, ebbing away the sanity which resided as a sliver of an already fading thread as black hues had allowed another to touch her mind. An action that was not without a price. It was like the piercing voice of a soprano dominating the very air within an empty opera house, echoing eternally with the haunting voices of things which should have never come to pass. Intentions had been shared for just the briefest of instants to instill confusion and grave horror. Some fool had peered into her eyes, and this fool was no more intelligent than a rock. No one could understand Serina's thoughts. Not even the most knowledgeable of elders. Her mind was as alien as the moon and sun. Contrasting thoughts and conflicting wishes clashed ever so constantly within the very fabric of her metaphysical existence. It was a most holy dread. A sacred feeling that blossomed within her chest like a dark flower which held the attention of every soul within the world, gazing upon it's dark petals only to be corrupted. She could feel the confusion and distress belonging to Lance as he bore witness to the very slightest edge of what Serina was. What her most hateful intentions possessed. The capability of not what she could do, but what her drive could bring forth unto the world.

A pit of darkness swallowed Serina's hope and sanity whole and now all she could think about was the chaos, disgusting and writhing chaos, and all she could see was the sheer arrogance of her folly as an air of feral instincts washed across her body. Her voice became distorted as her black hues soon vanished in a pool of dilation that washed from her body and wrapped around her very figure. Serina grabs a glass of water with a tight grip and with her shaking arms and trembling fingers she pulls out her medication. Ripping the cap of in an animalistic nature she grabs for the white circles and shoves them in her mouth with a large gulp of water. With the dissolving tablets in her stomach she can feel her emotions do the same leveling out. Soon she once again feels nothing and locks her empty eyes back on him. "I have no further interest to be present. Thank you for enlightening my mind Lance."  Some part of her probably would have felt terrible for leaving him so abruptly, but the medication was doing its job - suppressing her until she was as charming and forgivable as a speeding brick.

She did not walk across the hard surface of the ground. She dragged her feet across it without care or concern for the people looking at her, ignoring the stray glances that washed against the her and the whispers that raged on. Their petty conflicts were unknown to her, a wasted event. A pointless cause. Nothing inspired her, nothing moved her. Their efforts at socializing amounted to an animal defecating on the ground. She cast their existence from her mind, as her attention fixated upon the reflected form of Lance in the glass window to the door like a curious child gazing upon a sky lit with the essence of the universe. The people around her were nothing, and Lance was everything. A place where she did not have to hide herself, where she did not need to pretend to be normal. Because like her, he had little care for the menial standard of existence.

Her feet moved with slow anticipation while her fingers tingled with the medication that wrapped itself around her like gentle snakes wishing to comfort their master, rubbing against her skin as her own clothing seemed to become weightless. Power was felt, but in the form of an oppressive feeling that drove her towards the door and eventually out of it. Her black hair caressed the air currents as she stepped outside into the chill of the morning light. Her skin paled even further, like that of the moon which shines down upon the world. Like the ghosts that linger within the back of your mind. Like the darkest and deepest fear which resided within the back of your mind. Pretentious thoughts ceased to be, and only oppression existed as she pulled out a pack of real cigarettes out of her pocket and replaced it with the pill bottle. Depravity flushed from her body while a drive took root within her dark heart. Her thoughts poured from her mind and flooded into her black soul. Inciting a dormant rage, like a bright star. Anger and hate boiled over like an overheated cauldron filled with too much liquid. A faint smile dawned upon Serina. Absolution. Slowly her steps continued as she closed distance between her and the main campus, ignoring the people around her that were talking loudly and obnoxiously. An unknown language.

Slowly, Serina reached into the pack and pulled out a single cigarette and lit it, the heat scathed one of her finger tips. The burning sensation and the absorption of the carcinogen caused her black hues to dilate again with satisfaction, while the hair on the back of her neck stood with excitement and her bare skin rippled with bumps. An energy coursed into her body like a thick liquid which provided the satisfaction of an illicit drug, a feeling beyond euphoric as she took another pull on such an item. Smoke poured from her mouth and nose as though she were a dragon, obscuring her face as it slowly disappeared within the cold wind as she finally came close enough to catch a hint of people inside of classrooms. She could feel her headache going away. She sat down gently, a faint existence. Her heart fluttered with anticipation as she took another puff, her black clothing lay in stark contrast to the pavement her fingers reached down and graced the chill of the cement, spreading her fingers down and letting her palm rest on the cold surface.

Quietly she snuffed out the cigarette on the cement, letting it lay in a crumpled mess. Silence dominated the air here. Peace filled the land. It was perfect, but soon a flock of students passed by her with their loud incessant talking and the moment was ruined.

"Everyone lies, and few tell the truth." In recollection of her conversation with Lance, it was a whispered voice that pierced through the air like a knife burying deep into the chest of silence, erasing all other thoughts. "For some. Truth is pain. What is truth to you? Is it freedom? Freedom from expectation and the wishes of others." She mused to herself silently as she sat alone on the ground. Serina ignored the blast of cold wind. Someday it would be time to see how far she was willing to go down this rabbit hole. All it would take, was for her to let go.

┗━━━━ ☠ ━━━━┛
▫▫▫ ▫▫▫

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18 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:08 am

Lance was having a perfectly good time talking with Serina, enjoying a small but passable breakfast when suddenly his company became erratic. The girl sitting across from him almost seemed frenzied in taking whatever medication she was grasping at. It was almost like she was inches from death.

"Whoa, are you alright?!" He just about stood from his spot when she locked eyes with him having finished her medication. She... had no desire to be present anymore?

"Waitamin-" she swept off without so much as a second glance back. "ute... that was... odd." Lance furrowed his brow and stared off after her as she vanished through the doors and on her way. There was something wrong. He could intuit that much with no effort whatsoever. What worried him more was that there was something wrong that she seemed to be ignoring other than the medication. There was no discussion involved. Granted she wasn't the type to talk obviously, he still had some small modicum of concern.

"... Maybe I'm just overthinking things." he muttered to himself with a small sigh. "Damnit, I need to get more drink. It's going to be a pain going through today."

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19 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:54 am

Hikaru woke up and groaned, bleary-eyed. Good lord, she felt like she had been hit with a truck full of bricks. Suddenly, she sat up with a start. Shit, the last night was crazy, wasn't it? Supernatural creatures, losing her goddamned knife (THAT WAS A GODDAMNED GIFT, she thought, grumbling softly), weird contracts with no fine print, summoning rituals... man, Edo-kun was gonna have a field day with the video-

The video! She scrambled out of bed, grasping wildly about for her cell phone. She turned it on... and was faced with the factory-standard login screen, with a prompt to create a PIN. No, no no no, no no no no no... she bypassed the security procedures and dug through everything – her contacts, her app history, her logins and bookmarks in the browser, all gone. Wiped clean, all factory standard.

Well fuck. She groaned, tossing the phone angrily onto her bed, almost immediately picking it back up and beginning the long, arduous process of setting it back up to her fickle liking. God damn it, all of her photos and images were gone too. Fuckity fucking fuck fucking fff-

The smell of singed... something... finally hit her nostrils. Fuck, that's right, her hair had been on fi-


She threw open the door and rushed to the bathroom, looking in the mirror. Holy shit her hair had been on fire. It wasn't too terrible, a bit like a patchy self-done haircut, although her entire head looked like she had dyed the tips black – and smelled like she had done so with charcoal paste. She grumbled, got ready for the day as much as she could (and her hair refused to co-operate, what with the BEING ON FUCKING FIRE and all), and headed off to class, once again buying a little snack at the school store before heading to the classroom. She slid into her desk, reaching in her backpack to take out her copy of Tentacle-

Oh. Wait. That had been shredded by that little black shitstain.

Her head struck the desk as she let out a loud, aggravated groan, lifting it back up only to massage her temples with a very obvious irritated expression. Hair on fire, knife dissolved to nothing, phone wiped, and reading material shredded. Oh, and the plaything of an apparently demonic figure. Yeah, this was a great goddamned start to the year.

The rest of her morning was relatively uneventful, her mind wandering back to the events of the previous night, then wandering back to whatever task was at hand... with a little bit of drooling over the teacher when there was nothing else to do.

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20 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:59 am

Aiden wakes up to the most annoying sound in the world. The constant loud beeping of his alarm. "Ugh, what happened last night?" "Oh right, fire, violence, and fucking tarot cards summoning monsters from our heads. And that guy with the long nose." Aiden gets up, takes a long shower, and heads down for breakfast. "Lance and that crazy girl. I wonder how they are taking all of this? I guess I'll have a chance to talk to them on the way to class today. For now, I just need some time to process all of this shit going on." he thinks to himself. Provided Hikaru doesn't manage to make a scene in class again, Aiden is a bit spaced out and lost in thought during his classes today, and isn't paying much attention to anyone.

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21 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:55 pm

Lance quickly finished his breakfast and gathered his supplies to board to class. When he arrived on location he quickly strung the board to his backpack and rushed to his classroom, slumping down at his desk and keeping his eyes trained on anything but those around him. He could feel eyes staring at him here and there, and it was beginning to wear on his nerves. He already had enough on his mind with the previous night; he didn't need girls staring at him like a piece of meat. He put his head lower and tried to focus on the lectures, but his mind wouldn't allow him to retain a thing.

Damnit. This is a completely lost cause. He thought to himself, his head almost at his desk at this point. I can't concentrate on a thing. Last night... Maybe I should try talking to the others? he huffed a small sigh and stared absently at the board.

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Lunch has begun, the bell has rung. The weather still seems sunny and a little brisk. This section will run from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. This section will close one December 13th

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23 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:18 pm

Lance chanced a furtive glance around the room and made his move. He quickly stood from his seat, scooped his belongings into his bag and made a very quick and decisive bee-line towards the door, determined to get as much distance as he could from the room and its several inhabitants. He also wanted to check into something that he could more than likely find in the library. More accurately, something he could find online. This however posed a very important question. Just where was the library from here?

He cussed silently and turned back around. He stared at the door for a seemingly long while and considered his options. He could either walk back into the room like an idiot or he could try and grab the attention of one of the other students in the area and ask them. Either way it entailed talking to people he didn't know nor did he really care to know. He chuckled to himself.

'I suppose it's too much to ask that Serina show up right around now...' he thought as he took a laborious step back towards the classroom.

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24 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:47 am

Immediately after the bell for lunch rang, Hikaru stood up, approaching the teacher's desk.

“Mr. Edogawa, sir,” she began, “I'd like to apologize for that call the other night. Some... friends of mine were heading down to the shrine after dark, and since I was worried for their safety I followed along. I... something's going on down there, and I believe it's dangerous, so I just wanted someone to know our whereabouts in case something happened. I'm sorry for burdening you with that worry without your consent.” She bowed deeply in apology with her last sentence, then straightened, shifting uncomfortably. "I'd also like to apologize if it's seemed like I've grown attached to you abnormally quickly. Your brother Michio was... a bit of a father figure to me. A bit of transference there, I suppose." She chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her head and slowly backing away towards her desk. Whelp, this turned awkward quick, she thought, time to bail back to the library. "Well anyways, just wanted to... well... yeah. Anyhoo."

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25 Re: The almighty persona play thread on Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:52 pm


"Hikaru, wait..." Professor Edogawa said, "Did you say my brother?"

oh gods, Hikaru thought...

"Well he can be a bit out there but has good intentions, also, about the call from the shrine." Edogawa followed up, his look was one Hikaru wouldn't expect from a teacher. "We'll keep it our secret." He winked as he reached into his his briefcase, "Now where did my lunch go? I know I brought one..."

As Hikaru walked out of the classroom, she heard moved in her bag and upon further inspection of what it could be doing in there, she saw Yurt finish off the last of what looked like a sandwich of some sort. Finishing its meal, Yurt looked up at Hikaru, realizing it had been found out and winked at her before slowing melting beneath the rest of her supplies.

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